About us

Polish Patients Association Primum Non Nocere was established in November 1998. It is a NGO of persons who became victims of medical malpractice and their families. In Poland such people are left without any social help and medical assistance. These kinds of cases are strictly hidden because of medical solidarity. The doctor's interest and safety are more important than health and a fate of the victims.
We try to help such people throw giving them juridical information and assistance of lawyers. We co -operate with about 40 lawyer offices. In the most ridicules cases we inform mass media. If the victim needs a medical help we try to influence the Ministry of Health.
Our activity is based on the polish law. But we've been making efforts to influence changes of regulations, which lead to violation of Human Rights.
Thanks to our pressure:

In the present time we try to:

Apart from daily activity we organise protests and demonstrations in order to put more pressure to polish authorities.
We believe that an international co -operation and foreign experiences can help us in solving our difficult problems.
Our organisation was found in 1998. Since then we have opened sections in eight towns: Białystok, Bytom, Olsztyn, Opole, Poznan, Starachowice, Wrzesnia and Warsaw. Our activity is financed by victim's contributions, and is carried without any grants or authorities help.