Our postulates

  1. Enforcing an obligation to provide immediate medical help to those who have suffered because of medical errors. There is a need of creating a governmental program until introduction of no-fault patient insurance system. Sending seriously ill or handicapped people to the courts to fight for their human rights is a cruelty;

  2. Mandatory insurance for those suffering of medical mistreatment without proving the doctor’s fault. Such solution exists in Scandinavian countries.

  3. Establishing, by the Parliament, an institution Patient Ombudsman , which will be independent from the Ministry of Health. This institution should have local branches. Until the bill of the Patient Ombudsman exists, there should be the government’s advocate to help the victims of medical errors.

  4. Changing of corporate, medical justice system, so the victims of medical errors have an opportunity to claim their rights. Actual policies is in contradiction with the Constitution and is a violation of the basic Human Rights;

  5. Possibility of annulling, on patient’s demand, those unjust sentences made by the corporate, medical justice system while breaking the basic rules of the law guaranteed by the Constitution of Poland. Voiding those decisions and sentences of the public justice system that were made based on the decisions of corporate, medical justice system.

  6. Forming a committee of professionals, experts not related to and independent from the medical world, working only for the public justice system. These experts should resign from being the members of Medical Chambers and from practicing directly as physicians.

  7. Introducing protection of original treatment documents. Kept in hospitals, they are accessible to any physician, and are often falsified before the police or prosecutors have an access to them.

  8. No expiration of the civil responsibility and claim of alimony until the end of life of the victims of medical error in need.

  9. Increasing public financial spending to protect health, and, at the same time, to fight corruption.