We are an organization of persons who became victims of medical malpractice. The sad truth is that such cases are hushed up in Poland although they frequently involve the health or life of patients. Medical malpractice victims are left without help so that instances of medical malpractice may be concealed and the guilty physicians protected from their consequences.
It is pointless to hope for a rapid and effective response from the forces of justice. Due to legal regulations existent in Poland and the strong solidarity among doctors a patient rarely wins against a doctor in a court of law (only 1.4% of malpractice claims have been won by patients).
Malpractice victims frequently beg the authorities for help, but to no effect. With no chance to regain their health, it is only a question of time before their problem resolves itself naturally...
The state authorities lend their silent approval to such methods of solving medical malpractice cases. Our association addressed to the government of the Republic of Poland regarding help for these people and requested changes in the binding laws. The Polish government, however, refuses to recognize the problem for fear of angering the medical lobby.
In spite of our protests there is still no help for medical malpractice victims. It is hard to believe that such cruelty can be tolerated.
Article 5 of the Human Rights Declaration is being permanently violated in Poland - and this at a time when Poland is making efforts to gain admission to the European Union. We have, therefore, decided to turn to the authorities and nations of Europe for humanitarian aid to victims of the Polish Health Service:
* We ask for medical assistance to medical malpractice victims
* We ask for medical and juristic missions in Poland to investigate the situation
* We ask for pressure to be put on the authorities of the Republic of Poland to stop their tolerance for the cruelty.
We can present a large documentation of such cases. We can also provide hundreds of letters in which malpractice victims beg for assistance in their tragic plight - to no effect.

In the name of the association
dr Adam Sandauer