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  Oct 27th 2004 WHO launch the World Alliance for Patient Safety

  The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights investigation

  Declaration of European, medical accidents and malpractice victims organizations, Berlin Oct. 2003

  Complaint to the European Commissioner for Human Rights 19 Jan 2002

  Intern. collaboration, document signed by three European organizations

  Letters and appeals

  The functioning of medical law system in Poland

  medical malpractice - Poland and other countries/ Data comparison


  Letters to international organizations

  Increase in a number of deaths during strike of anaesthesiologists in 1999

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  See also sppnn.tripod.com/sppnn.htm


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We do not receive government funding. Our activity is financed by victim's contributions and small financial help of our supporters. If you are financially able to make a contribution, and wish to help us, we inform on the bank address and acc. no:
10201068-298609-270-1. VI Dep. PKO BP in Warsaw, Pulawska 15 str.